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Welcome to Legends of Mystic Heroes!

Vision Statement:

Legends of Mystic Heroes exists to provide its members with a family atmosphere that promotes friendship and honorable play. Working as a family we seek to provide our members with the ability to participate in the progression of each available expansion and to have fun while doing so...


Current Hotzones

Tarlaak, Feb 21, 12 7:16 PM.

Here are the current Hotzones as of June 19th, 2013.  

- New Hot Zones have been implemented!  Head for the following zones in the following level ranges for bonus experience, and see Franklin Teek and Skal Nethul in the Plane of Knowledge for new quests. 
-- Level 20 - Warslik's Wood 
-- Level 25 - Marus Seru 
-- Level 30 - Frontier Mountains 
-- Level 35 - The Dawnshroud Peaks 
-- Level 40 - Jaggedpine Forest 
-- Level 45 - Burning Woods 
-- Level 50 - Corathus Creep 
-- Level 55 - The Bloodfields 
-- Level 60 - Undershore 
-- Level 65 - Plane of Air (AKA Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind) 
-- Level 70 - Wall of Slaughter 
-- Level 75 - Oceangreen Hills 
-- Level 80 - Hills of Shade 
-- Level 85 - Old Bloodfields 
-- Level 90 - Valley of Lunanyn 
-- Level 90 - The Grounds

Heroes Code of Honor


Dedicate your play to serving the members of Legends of Mystic Heroes

Play in a way deserving of Respect and Honor

Respect and Uphold the Laws of LoMH

Protect the Innocent

Demonstrate Self Control

Show Respect to Authority

Exhibit Courage in Word and in Deed

Destroy Evil in all its Monstrous Forms

Fight with Honor

Never Abandon a Guildmate, Friend, Ally, or Noble Cause

Fight for the ideals of LOMH

When you must...Die with Valor

Always Keep your Word of Honor

Never Betray a Guildmate, a Confidence, or a Comrade

Avoid Deception

Exhibit Manners

Be Polite and Attentive

Be Generous

Be Loyal to Guild, Honor, Friends, and All who Place their Trust in you.

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